Install HPCC Platforms and Setup ECL IDE

HPCC Systems is a platform purpose-built for high-speed data engineering. This article shows how to build HPCC Platform and set up ECL IDE.

Install HPCC Platforms

  1. Download the installation package of HPCC Platforms corresponding to the operating system here. For example, if my system is Ubuntu-22.04 LTS, then download this file:

  2. Run dpkg -i hpccsystems-platform-community_9.0.8-1jammy_amd64_withsymbols.deb. There may be some errors at this time. Ignore it, please.

  3. Run sudo apt-get update

  4. Run sudo apt-get install -f

  5. Verify that the program installed successfully: Run cd /opt/HPCCSystems. The installation is successful if no errors have occurred and the directory is entered successfully.

  6. Check plugins: Run cd /opt/HPCCSystems/plugins, ls -lart

  7. Check current service status: Run sudo /etc/init.d/hpcc-init status

  8. Start HPCC service: Run sudo /etc/init.d/hpcc-init start

  9. Check the IP address: Run ip addr show. You can access IP addr: 8010 to login ECL Watch

Install ECL IDE

ECL IDE is an IDE specially designed for ECL programming language, related documents can be found here.

First, download ECL IDE according to the platform, and find ECL IDE and Client Tools here.

When you log in for the first time, the preference interface will pop up, enter the IP obtained in Install HPCC Platforms in the IP address, click Advanced, and leave Attribute Server blank. Other options can be set according to your preferences.

In the ECL Folder of the Compiler tab, add your own code directory.


In the lower right Repository window, in My Files, right click and Insert Folder, then in the newly created folder, right click and Insert File.


In the newly created file, enter:

OUTPUT('Hello World!');

Click Submit in the upper right corner, and you can see the result in the result tab.


Install the HPCC Systems GNN bundle

The HPCC Systems machine learning library can be found here. Among them, ML_Core is the dependency of all other HPCC Systems machine learning packages.

Before installing the GNN bundle, you need to install TensorFlow first.

My HPCC Platform is on WSL2-Ubuntu22.04, and my ECL IDE is on Windows, so I need to install GNN Bundle in Windows.

run the below code in cmd:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\HPCCSystems\9.0.8\clienttools\bin\ecl.exe" bundle install
"C:\Program Files (x86)\HPCCSystems\9.0.8\clienttools\bin\ecl.exe" bundle install

You can test whether the installation is successful by running GNN/Test/TensorAlignTest.